Worthington Rod and Gun Club

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1. The National Rifle Association protects the rights of legal gun owners and promotes sporting activities in the United States.


2.  The Massachusetts Gun Owners Action League protects

 the rights of legal gun owners and promotes sporting activities In Massachusetts.


3.  The Massachusetts  Division of Fisheries and Wildlife:



4.  The Northeast Region U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service:


5.  Northeast Shooters  News  and Forum, provides

 various information and services for  firearms

 enthusiasts and sportsmen.


6.  Intellicast weather forecasting with  regional and

      national radar.


7. MA Basic Hunter Education Courses. The WRG

  conducts Basic Hunter Education Courses twice



8. MA  Young Adult Turkey Hunt Program. The WRG conducts  a Young Adult Turkey Hunt training session in the Spring.



9. MA Young Adult Pheasant Hunt Program. The WRG conducts a Young Adult  Pheasant Hunt training session in the  Fall.

10.  The  Western Mass Duck Hunter's Association works to maintain the sport of waterfowling  along with the habitat, and associated flyways of waterfowl in Massachusetts.