Worthington Rod and Gun Club

                     Youth Turkey Hunt 2016

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Luke O. (left) and his brother Matt O. (right), of Worthington, are shown with their turkeys taken durng the Saturday Youth Turkey Hunt. They are also graduates of the WRG Youth Turkey Hunt Program.

Zoe L. of Worthington is shown above with her first turkey shot  during  the Saturday youth hunt in Cummington. ( 24lbs) . It was the largest bird shot in MA on youth hunt day. Zoe took the turkey hunt class this year at the WRG and  our own Walter Fritz was her mentor.

Noah M., a Hilltown resident, is shown with his turkey taken during the 2015 Youth Turkey Hunt.

Zak A. and Bob A., Hilltown residents, are shown above with their 20.5lb. and 19.5lb. turkeys  taken during the 2015 Youth Turkey Hunt. Wally F. , an adult mentor is also shown with the boys.

Youth Turkey Hunt 2015

 Charlie S. (left above ) and Darron M. (right above) , who were trained in the WRG  sponsored Youth Pheasant Hunt Program, are shown with the results of their  successful day's hunt.

 2014 Youth Pheasant Hunt

 It  was a great day for the Worthington Rod and Gun Club  first Annual Pig Roast! The weather was perfect and attendance was  counted at  approximately 100 members and guests. The pig was cooked to perfection by Matt Mottor (executive chef at Jiminy Peak Ski Resort)assisted by Wayne Motter (his father) and  Shaun Shuttleworth who started roasting the pig the night before the event.  Many members brought numerous interesting and tasty side dishes.  Members  also participated in trapshooting and archery events  throughout the day.

September 14, Pig Roast

Saturday's Work Bee at the Rod and gun club was a great success. It was a hot and humid day but a great deal was accomplished regardless. Approximately 20 members showed up to volunteer their time. Brush was cleared, rocks were removed, and many trees were felled at the shooting range, brightening up  and extending the site while enhancing safety. Tim Sena, using the New Holland loader, saved the members a tremendous amount of hand labor. Tim also showed a skillful touch when felling the tall pines and hardwoods. The horseshoe pit was also reconditioned by Ed Barrett. Members in attendance included Ed Barrett, Bob Bradley, Dean Cleveland, Jim Dewey, Bob Dunn, Judy Dunn, Clark Jones, Carl Kelton, Stephen Luchini, Jim Mayhew, Wayne Motter, James Ryan, Brooks Rider, Bill Santos, Tim Sena, Charlie Sullivan, Shaun Sullivan, and George Ulrich.

                                   September 6, 2014 Work Bee